Media Production


What happens before the lights, the camera, and the action? The unsung hero of any great video endeavor, which is pre-production. Being on set has its own magic; and yeah, post-production is where you really see the story. But pre-production is about building a solid, reliable base that prepares your video for success.

Pre-production is about:

- Top Level Creative fine tuning your concept, writing a polished script, storyboarding, ensuring you have a firm grasp on the story you want to weave.


how you’ll make that big picture a reality
who’s the best fit to play this role?
where’s a good place that fits this scene description?
what will these shoot days actually look like?

Luckily, we have one of the most trusted, on-point pre-production crew in the business.

Pre-Production Services:

- Scriptwriting
- Budgeting for Video
- Creative Development
- Storyboarding
- Animatics
- Casting
- Location Scouting
- Location Management
- Set Construction
- Production Design
- Costume Design
- Script Coverage
- Script Breakdown
- Prop Rentals


Video Production is:
- the process of producing video content
- the phase of the video-making process where footage is actually captured.

Production Services:

- Camera Department
- Audio Department
- Lighting Department
- Art Direction
- Production Coordination
- Line Producing
- Digital Workflow and Media Management
- Photography
- Hair And Makeup
- Wardrobe
- 360 Video Production
- VR Video Production
- Live Stream Video Production


They’ll receive raw footage, production audio and graphical assets, and assemble them into something one step closer to a final video. It always feels a bit magical to see an assortment of gorgeous shots come together into a cohesive story or sequence.

Post-production is

- Video Post-Production:
Video Editing
Video Mastering
Captioning And Subtitles
Color Correction
Color Grading

Audio Post-Production Services:

Sound Design
Sound Mixing
Original Music Composition



It is a component of post-production, as well as an alternative for traditional, live-action production. It’s still evolving as a medium! There are far fewer limits to animation than there are to other types of production, so it continues to expand as new ideas and applications come to light.
- offers unique narrative capabilities,
- ranges from incredible range of anime to Saturday morning cartoons,
- ranges from stop-motion to realistically-rendered planets and epic battles
- has no constrains by genre
- can make us laugh, cry, disturb or excite us
- can illicit feeling more cheaply than live action in some cases.

Animation Services:

- 2D Animation
- 3D Animation
- 2D Infographics
- 3D Logo Animation
- 3D Character Animation